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I did not write down my dream as soon as I woke up, so I remember very little of it. However, I do remember that at one point I was taking a shower, and I decided to plug the bathtub. For some reason, in my dream I thought it was a good idea to prevent the bathtub from draining, even though I was still grossed out by used bathwater filling the bottom of the tub. Before I knew it, the tub was literally overflowing water onto the bathroom floor, and I realized how stupid I was to close the drain in the first place. I unplugged the bathtub, and it slowly started draining.


Dream Meaning

This dream is actually a result of me using dreamwidth, tumblr, & my sister as places to vent about things going on in my life. Every time I make a personal post, I feel very very vulnerable and judged and on edge. And every time I try to talk to my sister about deeply personal matters, I, again, feel vulnerable, judged, and on edge (even though I know she's not judging me). I often consider confining my venting to my diary (which I usually DO do), but at the same time I want some semblance of validation from other people.

Closing the shower drain represents me deciding to vent to other people instead of channeling stuff into my diary/art/etc where others can't see it or be directly affected by it. The used bathwater and overflowing bathtub represent the uneasiness I feel after venting.

This dream is not meant to tell me that I shouldn't vent. Rather, it's just a manifestation of how my actions make me feel. That's an important distinction to make, I think.


TLDR: I dreamed that I closed my shower drain, causing my bathtub to overflow while I took a shower; it represents how uneasy & on edge I always feel after I vent my emotions to someone.
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