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I dreamed that Mrs Laura was asking my class quiz bowl questions in a classroom setting. I believe it was my 11th grade english classroom, specifically. She asked a questions about an activist who got AIDS back in the day. Cameron correctly answered the question. It was clear that she knew what she was talking about and that no one else in the class [immediately] knew the answer.

I got very self conscious because I didn't want Cameron to think that I wasn't educated on LGTB activist history (even though I'm really not...).

Mrs. Laura then asked a 4-question bonus round about Bredon Urie. The question was something like, "what are four things Brendon Urie takes special interest in and donated money for the research thereof."

I immediately answered, "Divergence." I assume I was referring to the 'Divergence' as described in Veronica Roth's trilogy, but I'm not completely sure what dream-me meant by that.

Then it occurred to me: "Music."

Then either Wesley or me added, "Acting."

We couldn't thing of anything else. Mrs. Laura read the list, revealing that we forgot "agriculture."


I'm interpreting this a month after I dreamed it, so can't go in as much depth as I would if I interpreted this the morning after.

Anyways. I've been worried for ages that Cameron doesn't see me as 'queer enough' or educated on the history of my community. Which probably sounds stupid. And it is. But additionally I just always worry that Cameron thinks I'm way more ignorant than her about The World in general. So yeah, this dream was just a manifestation of that feeling.

wtf is up with patd/Brendon Urie showing up in all my dreams. I went to a patd concert in July 2016, and I've been listening to them a lot ever since (as one does). So I guess that part of my dream was just me processing my current obsession, if u will. anyways
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